In The Eyes of A Child


When you look into my eyes

what do you see?

Do you see a child that is full of joy

like the child on a Christmas morning day

who just received many of Santa’s toys?

 Do you see a child that is bother

by the fact that she does not know

her real father, but she is about to lose

the only man that called her his daughter?

Do you see a child who is in unexplainable pain

because she was taken by the children’s welfare system

when her mother fell into depression and became insane?

Do you see a child who is in fear, but eager to flee

from all the burdens of hurt and pain

that could had been prevented

if she had a strong caring family?

Do you see a child that is terribly confuse

who is mentally trying to understand

why she is suffering from physical and sexual abuse?

Not only by her evil caretakers

but also by the ones who placed her into their hands

the children’s welfare system partakers?

Do you see a child whose innocence is shatter

who was forced into a code of silence

like a slayed pig with an apple in its mouth

placed onto a shiny silver platter?

Now look into my eyes again

and tell me what you see….

Do you now see a woman who resemble the child

that was with joy, pain, hurt, and confusion?

Because the child you saw in my eyes

is now the woman that you see right now

and her name is Me.

~Author Chontate Brown~

~Pass Around By Man But Not Passed Over By God~


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