Good Seed or Bad Seed?



I seem to always hear adults use the term, that child is a bad seed. As if that child was not created by the hands of God. See people children are not seeds; they are fruits that either were bear from a good tree or a bad tree. Children do not come into this world bad. They are born blessed. They are born free of fear, worries, depression, and anxiety. They only lack wisdom and knowledge. This is when as adults we come in to give them guidance and instructions. Teach and provide them with love and support.
In order for a child to be a bad fruit, he has to be bear from a tree that was uprooted by a bad seed that was planted in bad soil. Hmmm did I just say a mouth full? Yes, this is true. A seed have to be planted in soil where the root is created, that grows up to be a tree that bears fruit. Now when I speak of fruits, I am not referring to apples, oranges, and lemons. I am referring to you and your family. As adults and parents we need to realize that we are the foundation of our generation. We are the planters of our fields. Growth begins at home. Children learning styles are learned by the way they were taught. The same way I don’t believe that there are bad parents, but bad parenting due to the lack of instructions, guidance, love, support, knowledge, and help. I can understand the crisis that our generation is going through, it is not because I was once a teen mother, but because there are mothers and fathers becoming grandparents while still trying to be parents to their younger children. Sisters and brothers are becoming uncles and aunts before they graduate from the eighth grade.
Now the question is when we as a community are going to stop handing over our duties and responsibilities that was intended for us to someone else? When are we going to stop blaming children for their actions? When we are going to stop relying on the people in the office to make a change? Believe it or not change begins with you. When are we going to stop criticizing and bashing teen parents for their lack of parenting skills? When we are going stop leaving all the teaching to the teachers? Do you know they also have children of their own? When are we going to stop blaming pastors and putting everything on the churches? Guess what? Everyone does not go to church! Do I encourage that you should attend church regularly? Yes indeed, because I believe everyone needs spiritual growth.
So community, let us stop doing the things that is hindering our community and start by accepting our roles and responsibilities that was intended for us. We can start by putting on our hats, gloves and grab a shovel. We need to get back in our fields and be the great planters that God created us to be and plant good seeds. We need to dig deep to the root of the problem and pull them out from the ground. Don’t just cut them or ignore it because it only grows back and multiplies more than before. I need us as a community to do what God call us to do in the first place, to be a service help to all your fellow neighbors. To teach, love, encourage and uplift one another. Now ask yourself, what kind of seeds are you planting?
~Chontate Brown~


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