Pass Around By Man But Passed Over By God


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Chontate D. Brown is a native from the Southside of Chicago, IL. She was born at Mount Sinai Hospital on the Westside of Chicago, where Chontate and her two siblings once lived. A strong loving mother, Vivian Brown, raised Chontate the best way she could as a single mother. Chontate Brown remembers her life as young as two-years old. She reveals how her “perfect” life changed instantly overnight. Chontate graduated from DuSable High School and obtained a license in Practical Nursing at William L. Dawson. Chontate who is a single mother of six great children decided to leave the streets of Chicago for the sake of the family and her sanity. She and her family currently reside in Marietta, Georgia, where she became a Christian woman and learned to build a loving relationship with the Almighty God, her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, her family, and herself. Chontate just completed her first project, an autobiography titled “Pass Around By Man But Not Passed Over By God”.

Chontate uncovers the untold story of herself that expresses heartfelt details of her mother’s absence after she fell into depression and suffered a mental breakdown, which marked the beginning of a spiral that tossed Chontate and her two brothers into the hands of the Department of Children and Family Services, which caused them to endure physical, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse. In the world as a child surrounded by poverty on the Southside of Chicago, challenged by adults, and bullied by children, Chontate became a woman who was broken, suffering from emotional hunger, and indulging in the streets of destruction.

Before she knew God, she knew no one. In the autobiography “Pass Around By Man But Not Passed Over By God” in her own words, she reveals how the light of the Lord lit her path and guided her, and her family out of darkness.

Pass Around By Man But Not Passed Over By God
Copyright(c)2013 Chontate Brown All rights reserved.


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