My BFF and Me



Hello let me introduce to you the person who blesses my blogs with the daily inspiration messages called Gaines Gospel. Her name is Ericka Gaines and she is my BFF. Ericka and I have been best friends for over 20 years. We met in high school in our junior year. Ericka was always high-spirited and kept our peers laughing. I on the other hand well, let us just say the opposite. We both definitely loved to dance. We would hang out at the neighborhood teen parties to hit the dance floor showing off the latest dance craze. Although, we were high school friends, we became the best of friends on the night of our prom on June 1, 1990. Ericka and I both went to the prom dateless, but we were gorgeous by ourselves. After that, we were inseparable. If you saw me, Ericka was not too far behind and vice versa. We can talk to each other about anything without passing judgments. Ericka and I were like Thelma and Louise in the hood, believe me we have stories that we are taking to our graves, LOL. We both made the wrong choices and decisions in different areas of our lives while trying to be a woman and young mothers at the same time, but we also made great changes. I went to school and obtained a license in Practical Nursing and Ericka obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development. She is a mother of five children and a grandmother of one. I am a mother of six children and one grandchild also. Before I moved to Georgia in 2005, Ericka and I did not attend church regularly. One day, someone invited us along with other friends to attend their church. This was the day that Ericka came to the Alter and gave her life over to Christ. Since that special day eight years later, my BFF attends church faithfully and joined her church’s choir as a Tenor. Prior to leaving Chicago, I was recently baptized and had a church home, but strayed away. It was not until 2009 when I found a church with a great pastor who helped me to understand the Bible and how to have a great relationship with God. I truly love this church. Although, my BFF and me lives 800+ miles apart, we still manage to communicate on a continuous basics. We may had been opposite in high school, but we always had a lot in common. I am a Nurse and she is a Teacher. We both serve in our church; she is a Tenor in the choir and I am an Alto for my Praise team. We bless many people from many nations with our daily inspirations and devotions. She is a member of a charitable organization in Chicago called B.G.N.D. (Black Girls Next Door) and I am the Founder/CEO of my own nonprofit organization, House of D.I.V.A.S. (Divine Individual Virtuous Anointed Sisters). No, we never planned any of this, but it is ironic! We are no longer two good friends who hang out in the streets and the bar clubs because we are now great women of God, who serves the Lord and will continue to share the good gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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