Gaines Gospel



Morning Lord! Morning all! At some point in our lives we value the opinion of other people. We have worried one time or another what people thought of us. I’m learning that other people opinions is just that, their opinion. God’s opinion should be the only opinion that matters because all of us has our own issues and is not in any position to judge anyone. “Matthew 7:1 tells us judge not, or you too will be judged.” We can’t judge people because none of us is without sin. Some people think their sin is different for example, if someone commits adultery and someone else commits murder, the one who committed the adultery would judge the other when they’re both wrong. A sin is a sin no matter how small we think one is. I pray instead of judging one another we pray for each other. I pray our day is safe and blessed, in Jesus’ name. Amen! Standing on God’s promises. Live, love, laugh and pray! You Are Blessed!


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