Let Us Pray



“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

James 5:16, NIV


Nobody can grow spirituality without a continually developing prayer life. The Master illustrated to us the importance of time alone with God. The same requirement is valid for His modern day disciples if they wish to develop into spiritual maturity. Their faith can only be effective if they have a pulsating prayer life.

Too often prayer is the stepchild of spiritual growth instead of being its foundation. It requires strict discipline and regular practice. Don’t think your prayers are effective only when you are in the mood to pray. It is often when you don’t feel like praying at all that you should persevere.

Make sure that all your prayers are focused on God. Many prayers seem to accentuate problems, instead of praising God for His ability to deal with them.

Stay Bless and Be Empowered!

Love Always,
Chontate Brown
Inspirational Diva


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