The Preachers Who Love To Sin



I am about to share a cute little joke that a patient of mines had told me as she was waiting on the doctor.

There were three preachers having lunch at a restaurant and they were having a conversation about sinners. Then the first preacher said, he has a secret and he wouldn’t dare share it with his congregation. The second preacher asked, what is the big secret that caused you to sin? The first preacher replied, I’m sorry, but I just can’t tell you. Then the third preacher said, how about we tell each other our sinned secrets and promise that it does not leave this table. All of the preachers agreed. The first preacher began telling his secret saying, “I just love looking at beautiful women, but I wouldn’t want my congregation to know this.” Then the second preacher proceeded and said, “I just love going to the casino and gamble, but I wouldn’t want my congregation to know this.” The third preacher sat quietly with his head down. The other preachers said, so tell us your secret, we already told you ours and you promised not to tell anyone. The third preacher lifted his head up and after a big sigh he said, “I just love to gossip and I just can’t wait to leave here.”


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  1. Yup, this probably is based on a true story but the numbers were switched to protect those who haven’t learned how to walk in his grace and drawn in by the reciprocal love

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