Happy 42nd Birthday To Me (Thank You Daddy)



Good Morning Daddy,

How is everything going with you? I hope all is well. I know a lot of chaos had happened lately. Many things have changed around me and sometimes I wondered when it all going to end. I know you have a lot on your hands right now, but I just wanted to tell my Daddy, Thank you for being everything that a baby girl needs in her father. You are a great provider that provides all my needs and wants. You protect me and keep me safe and free from harm and danger. Thank you for forgiving me when I was being rebellious and doing what I wanted to do. Thank you that you kept loving on me and not walking away, when I would get mad at you and go astray. You gave me peace and took care of me when I was sick. You listens, when I need to talk to you about anything and you don’t judge me. You talk to me when I need to hear from you. You teach me and give me wisdom and knowledge. You Created me and raised your baby girl to be a great woman of God. I love you Daddy for being my Everything because without You I am nothing! Thank you God (my Daddy) for blessing me with another birthday!!!

Love You Always,
your baby girl


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  1. Beautiful! Happy Birthday–my son is celebrating his 8th today! Happy day! And I pray that his faith grows and that he will have gratitude like yours on his heart!

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