For Rent




For Rent

Sitting here feeling empty
looking at four white walls
like an empty house on a corner
eagerly waiting to be fulfilled with love.
People come to visit the house
but it is a temporary stay.

They don’t tend to love or add any value
because it’s not worth the investment or time.
It is only for the time being
until they feel, they don’t want it anymore.
Some will come in and handle with care
while others come just to tear it down.

Just when you thought, your foundation been damaged.
The structure is broken and destroyed…
His voice reminds you…
That you are beautiful and wonderfully made.
Do you not know that your body
is the a temple of the Holy Spirit
who is in you?

Why you settled for rent by man
when you were bought with a price
by your heavenly Father who loves you?

The For Rent sign been replaced with Sold.

Are you For Rent?

~Author Chontate Brown

“Passed Around By Man But Not Passed Over By God”

Please leave your comments and thoughts below.

Stay Bless and Be Empowered

Love Always,
Chontate Brown
Inspirational Diva


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